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Halo 2 November 10, 2004

Posted by batduck in Games, Reviews.

posted Wed, 11/10/04

Halo 2


Date: 11/09/2004   —   $49.99   —   Software

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Yes, I stood in line to wait for Halo 2.  Yes, I was up until about 1am last night playing.  Yes, I’m an obsessed geek-boy.  What can I say?  I’ve really been looking forward to this game.  I played last night for about a half hour when I got home.  So far, I’m a bit underwhelmed.  It looks like alot of the same thing from Halo…at least in the first bit of the game.  Don’t get me wrong…the first Halo was phenomenal, but I was expecting a little bit more.  Well, this is after only playing for a little bit, and the real star of the game is the Xbox live capabilities.  I tried to connect last night, but since I got on as soon as I got home (around 12:30am) there were probably VERY few people that I could connect and play with.  I’ll try again tonight.

I’ve hosted a LAN party at my house before and I recall it being an absolute blast.  I’m hoping to regain some of that with the Live side of the game.  I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

—- 1 day later —-

Well, I’m enjoying the campaign mode much more now.  I don’t know if I was so turned off to it because I was so damn tired Monday night.  I started getting sleepy around 10pm. 

I was able to play online last night and it was everything I hoped for and more.  Yes…even though I had my ass handed to me repeatedly.  I did get my share of sweet frags though. (Are they called frags in Halo?)  My only gripe with the online play is that it takes longer than I’d like to connect to a game.  Once connected though, it’s a blast!  I think it takes so long because it waits until the room is full to let you know that you’re connected and then you start right away.  Well, that’s just a theory anyway.



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