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The Incredibles November 13, 2004

Posted by batduck in Movies, Reviews.

posted Sat, 11/13/04

The Incredibles


Date: 11/05/2004   —   Other

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Great film!  Disney and Pixar have another hit on their hands with the Incredibles.  Okay okay, I’m no journalist and I can’t write a review like they do on some of those web sites or like in the paper, but what we CAN do is list things we like and don’t like. (by we, I mean my lovely and talented wife and I)


  • Very funny
  • Entertaining
  • Cute story
  • CG did an excellent job with the hair and water effects


  • Skin textures were lacking
  • Hold on…I’m thinking
  • Still thinking of something else we didn’t like
  • Oh..I’ve got it…the guy behind me kicked my chair a few times
  • And some kids were making a racket……

So, there you have it.  Our general concensus was that it was a great movie and we highly recommend it.
Oh, yeah, they mention Kronos a few times too.  How can you go wrong with that?



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