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Psuedo Pregnancy Update January 11, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

posted Thu, 01/11/07

Well, I went back to the doctor today since I still haven’t miscarried naturally. 

Before going any further, the doc had another ultrasound done to be sure we weren’t about to operate on a real pregnancy and the results were the same, there is a gestational sac and a placenta but no embryo.  I was quite relieved when she suggested another ultrasound because to be honest, I had feared terminating a viable pregnancy.

We have an appointment for the D&C surgery tomorrow morning.  The insurance company has already approved us and we are scheduled to go into the surgery center at 9:00 AM.  The doctor explained to me that I will be under general anesthesia for a very short period (think in the manner of minutes) and that I should expect no pain and no bleeding.  They will give me antibiotics to ward off infection during the procedure and if there is any pain in the following days, it would mean going on antiobiotic pills.  When I asked her what we could expect as far as conceptions plans are concered (i.e. do we have to wait and use birthcontrol to give my body time to heal) the doctor said that historically, they would recommend six months, but in her experience, couples generally concieve much sooner when they are emotionally ready to.  She recommended that we wait until I have one normal menstrual cycle (in light of the PCOS and the irregularity of my cycle, she clarified this to be one month) but if we conceive earlier it means my body was ready to ovulate and hence, conceive.

At this point, the fear of the surgery and the idea of purposefully removing a pregnancy we both wanted so badly has passed.  This decision has been made much easier by reminding myself that I am not terminating a life, we do not have a baby and every day we let this continue is another day that we invite infection or other problems and take away from the pregnancy that awaits us.  When she asked how I was feeling, I told the doctor’s assistant the truth, scared, nervous and resigned.  I am thoroughly confident however, that my doctor is more than qualified and I am comfortable in her hands.

We’ll call those of you we can when we are out of surgery center.  We love you.



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