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No luck this time… January 12, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

posted Thu, 01/04/07

We had our first doctor’s appointment today to check on the status of our pregnancy.  Because of my irregular cycle and the bleeding I have been having, the doctor ordered an ultrasound.  After the ultrasound, it became apparent that we weren’t really pregnant after all, even though the urine test they gave me came back positive.

Essentially, upon conception, there need to be three divisions amongst the cells that are splitting.  The embryo, the placenta and the sack of waters.  We have a placenta and sack of waters but no embryo was ever created.  My body thinks its pregnant but within the next few days will realize that there is something wrong and miscarry.  Right now, we have decided to let nature take its course and see if we can miscarry naturally.  If, by this time next week, nothing has happened, we will have to go in for a D & C.

The good news is that we can’t say that we lost the baby because there was never a baby to begin with.  Also, this is a very common occurance, our pseudo-pregnancy has just lasted longer than most.  Most women would have miscarried before now, maybe without even realizing they were pregnant to begin with.

The better news is that, after all the worry from being diagnosed with PCOS, we know that we can conceive and that our bodies are working correctly.  It just means it wasn’t the right time just now.

As soon as my hormone levels calm down and I am back on a normal rhythm there is nothing stopping us from conceiving again, and hopefully having no troubles and carrying to term.

We love you all and we know you all support us and share in our pain and the knowledge that this is for the best.




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