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Week 8 January 12, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

posted Tue, 01/02/07

If our calculations are correct, we are currently 8 weeks and one day pregnant.  This date will be confirmed at our first doctor’s appointment on Thursday.

Everyone keeps asking me how I feel and so I figured it was important enough to our family and friends to know this so I’d blog about it!

Its been weird the past few weeks since we found out I am pregnant.  Since it has been the holiday time, I have been able to nap in the afternoons when I get tired.  This past week I was on vacation in Virginia and again able to nap whenever the desire struck me.  Today I’m back at work and it gets hard to keep my eyes open as the day progresses.  The trick will be, I think, to find a happy medium between a nap in the middle of the day like I have been enjoying and an earlier bed time that I will need to adopt to keep myself rested while working full time.

Otherwise, there have been very few symptoms and I feel great.  There has been some bleeding and while disconcerting, our doctor’s office doesn’t find this any cause for alarm.  We will know more about this on Thursday after our first visit.

Thats about it for now guys.  I’m sorry I don’t have more to report, but very thankful that I am not writing about how miserable I am between the nausea and emotional rollercoaster ride.

More updates to come soon!




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