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Kyle and I Wrote a Survey! April 3, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

posted Tue, 04/03/07

Kyle and Sarah’s Survey 

Some of these questions will make you laugh, some will make you think and some will just make you stop and wonder “What the heck were they thinking!?,” but hopefully, at least they’ll pass the time and make you wonder. You can also try and figure out who wrote what question! 

  1. ‘Sup Bitches?

    1. Not much, but I really wish you wouldn’t call me a bitch *pout*

  2. Think of a favorite passage from a book, it can be prose, poetry, scripture, you name it. Why is it your favorite? Why do you remember it?

    1. You know I can’t quote a passage verbatim or anything but there are many that I remember tidbits of for all different books. The first one that popped into my head was from the Earth’s Children Series. The scene in which Ayla first rides Whinny will always be stuck in my mind. I remember it because it was a feeling of absolute freedom (after Ayla was oppressed so much) and a moment of beautiful trust and bonding between human and animal (in this case the first ever moment of domestication ;))

  3. Who would make a hotter love child? Brad Pitt and Ryan Philippe, or Prince Harry and Jake Gyllenhall?

    1. How sad is it that I had to go and do a Google Image search to make my decision for this question. I suppose Brad Pitt and Ryan Philippe, but honestly, Prince Harry and Brad Pitt would make a much better looking golden child J

  4. What individual has made a lasting impact on your life but wasn’t in it for long? I.e., not family or long term friends, think of someone who just passed through and made a difference.

    1. Its kind of sad just how hard I had to think on an answer for this one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a positive instance in which this was true. So it will just have to be a negative one. Years ago I stopped to get gas late at night while the fair was in town. A fair worker was at the gas station and he wanted to purchase beer, but I guess the attendant had refuse to sell it to him since he was already so inebriated. He asked that I purchase it for him but I was a) uncomfortable doing so and b) underage. When I explained that I wasn’t old enough and that they would card me, he got angry and insisted that I looked old enough and why not give it a shot. I again refused and he got up in my face, pushing me back until I backed into my car. To this day I dislike going to gas stations alone at night, and usually if I do need to get gas, will make sure the hubby is with me.

  5. How often do you get an STD test?

    1. Inadvertently every few months when they have to run the blood work for my thyroid.

  6. You’ve just died, shrugging conventional ideals, what happens to you (your mind, your consciousness, your soul, whichever word you prefer)?

    1. For a short period of time I think the spirit hovers in indecision, especially in sudden death. After your become accustomed to the idea your existence is no longer of a corporeal basis you explore more until you have had sufficient time to understand your situation and assure yourself your loved ones are well. Then you are removed from this plane and left to rest, where you’re given the chance to review your most recent and past incarnations. When you are ready and have rested and learned enough, you are reincarnated (this isn’t long in your spirit’s time but it could be many years in this plane). So yeah, that’s what I think.

  7. When you cook, do you most often do tried and true recipes, or do you cook outside the box?

    1. Because cooking is usually a utilitarian effort these days, get home, find something to cook that won’t take too long… I tend to stick to those dishes that I know will be filling, healthy and delicious.

  8. You are only limited by your imagination. Design your dream house and its grounds and describe it to us.

    1. Ideally we are in an in between kind of world. We are neither urban or rural or even overly suburban, but a hybrid that offers the best of both worlds. Enough acreage and distance from the city for my country girl dreams, but close enough to a metropolitan area for the hubby’s big city leanings and the cultural goings on that we both enjoy. I think five acres would be a good basis for this dream home. Three of these acres are cleared and the other two, a thin strip surrounding the property are left to grow wild, a man made meadow in the middle of a forest so to speak.
      The house itself would be towards the front of the property. It would be sturdy and give you the sense that this house isn’t going any where. Its secure and beautiful all at the same time. There are bay windows and lots of large windows all around it. It is at two stories high and of a good size for a small family. The yard is well kept and landscaped with beautiful low maintenance shrubs and flowers.

      Inside the house the furnishings are elegant but pet and child family. The kitchen is large and inviting with plenty of counter space and cabinet space. The floors are lovely wood and the walls are painted lovely worm colours. There is a lovely deck out back that opens to a lovely yard. There is an area purely for the dogs and an area for entertaining and children to play, these two are not mutually exclusive but rather the dog is trained to be a good boy and not go potty where the kids play and the kids play things are kept away from the dogs’ area

  9. Does your soul mate hold the key to your heart, and your dream house?

    1. Absolutely. My dream home was designed with him in mind!

  10. You’ve met someone who seems perfect in every way and the two of you plan to marry. The day before the wedding is to take place he/she _____________ and you call it off. Fill in the blank.

    1. …is found in flagrante delicto with another woman… or he raises his hand in anger to me or any other person (other than in self defense)…

  11. Peas-porridge hot, peas-porridge cold, or peas-porridge in the pot, five days old?

    1. How about you hold the peas and just give me normal porridge (oatmeal to Americans) warm in a bowl with a bit of milk and sugar.

  12. God has just revealed His/Her/Its/Their presence to you. Whether you believed already or have just been given no chance but to accept His/Her/Its/Their existence, given one question, what do you ask?

    1. Is she well?

  13. I know you are but what am I!?

    1. You are nothing but my perception of you.

  14. Back to your conversation with the divine, how did He/She/It/They appear to you?

    1. In a blinding light and an aura of love.

  15. Plane, train or automobile?

    1. Plane

  16. Imagine that you could paint a picture of happiness, what does it look like? Is it abstract? What colours did you use, what scenario?

    1. It surely is not abstract, it’s a family scene (including pets!) where the family is interacting and genuinely happy to be together and interested in what each other has to say!

  17. Who’s your daddy?

    1. His name is Andrew. He is incredibly intelligent and worldly but can also be so ignorant and closed minded at the same time. He is definitely a juxtaposition of opposites in many ways. He has been around the world many times in his younger days and visited places I only read about as an Anthropology student. He is lonely and loved but will never admit to either. He makes truly beautiful things with his hands that should be displayed proudly but that he will always find fault with, this is true of his work and the people in his life.

  18. Can animals experience emotion or is the dog simply seeing his meal ticket when he wags his tail at you?

    1. Any one who thinks the latter has never had a loved pet. While it is wrong to anthropomorphize your dog’s behavior, its is doubly wrong to write it off as purely Pavlovian.

  19. Duck duck: grey duck or goose?

    1. Goose *runs like a mad woman!*

  20. What one guilty pleasure in your life brings you the most joy?

    1. Buying my loved ones presents, even when I can’t really afford them.

  21. Picture yourself at the age of 115. What music is on your super futuristic iPod that will make your great great grandchildren go “ewww?”

    1. I actually cannot picture myself that old, I’ve always pictured myself in my fifties and stopped there, I can’t go further. But in any event, I think it will be popular music from the 80’s and now.

  22. Fill in the blank. Walking along the street this afternoon, you are approached by a member of the preferred sex. He/She strikes up a conversation and he/she is witty, attractive and intelligent. Then they ________, something so insignificant really, but you have no choice but to walk away.

    1. make a scathing remark about a passing homeless person or someone different from themselves.

  23. Is one date considered “dating”?

    1. No, in today’s lingo, you’re “just talking.”

  24. You’ve just been offered a job in another country. You have absolutely no desire to leave your family or to visit this country and yet you leave any way. What type of work or incentive must the company have offered you to go?

    1. Something incredibly worthwhile and fulfilling not only to me but to the world, like a human right’s campaign.

  25. One of the signs a female gorilla is in love is that she will pick the nits off of her mate. But in humans, nit picking can often ruin a perfectly good relationship. When does the time come for the nitpickers to chut the fuck up?

    1. When their significant other has asked them to or shown them their advice is no longer wanted.

  26. Do you agree that if a violent crime is committed and the victim is a member of a protected class (i.e. black, Jewish, etc) that the perpetrator should receive a harsher sentence over another violent offender who attacked someone of his own race, religion or ethnicity? Why or why not?

    1. I have no clue where I stand on this issue. On one hand I understand the implied threat that the first offender has made to the community of people… if he killed a Jewish man the entire Jewish community is on edge. However, if the second man killed and raped a series of women, he has then threatened an entire community of women, but he would not be penalized as if it were a hate crime. While I may not completely know where I stand on this issue, I do know that I think it should be applied across the board, not only to those groups that have lobbied the longest, shouted the loudest, or become “acceptable” dissidents or different.

  27. Do the clothes make the man?

    1. No, to the most extent the man makes the clothes. That isn’t to say however, that man who has taken extra care of his dress isn’t influenced by his attire. A man in well fitting suit or a tailored pair of pants and shirt will stand taller, hold his head erect and walk with confidence and shoulders back. It is this confident attitude that makes the man, but the clothes will affect his attitude, but the man still makes the clothes.

  28. Like it or not, we all have preconceived notions about others at some point in our lives. What is one prejudice or judgment you have towards others that you are aware of – whether or not you act on it. 
           a.  I know for a fact, that I am prejudiced against drug users.  I do not understand the baheavior, and I am very anti-drug after watching loved ones ruin their lives because of them.  I do not act on my judgments and in fact in recent years have befriended past and present drug uers but that prejudice will always be there.



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