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Yoshi scared me! April 12, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

posted Thu, 04/05/07

Our dog Yoshi gave me quite a scare yesterday.
Yoshi is a very energetic dog and when I get home from work, that generally means he has had no company for about ten hours save the sleepy kitties and the bubbles in the fish tank.  Usually I come home and he is all over me, welcoming me home and needing to go out to potty. 
Because of his training, he is generally very well behaved and doesn’t jump up on us any more (although when friends come by he isn’t always so well behaved because, of course, they are here to see him after all). 
So I get home yesterday and he is amazingly subdued and walks up to me with head bowed and tail down (Yoshi is always a very proud dog and walks with tail and head held high) so my immediate thought was that he had an accident in the house.   He has had a few accidents in the past before but unless it was a case where he didn’t tell us (we were home) we don’t reprimand him just kind of clean it up and ignore him for a few minutes to show slight disapproval.  I checked around the house sure that he had had an accident and there was nothing.  I let him out back and he went out and did his business and then lay in the grass.
Normally, when I let him out he runs out back and romps around before and after going potty… not this time.
To make a long story short, this kind of behavior continued, he was incredibly quiet and slept almost all evening.  I took him for a walk and he usually takes full advantage of his nine foot leash once we’re in the field but he didn’t go further than four feet ahead, by the end of the walk he was at my side.
With some investigation and a lot of fear of contaminated food (I searched every cubbard in the house to make sure he didn’t get into any cleaning solutions or anything) and triple checking that the dry food we feed him isn’t recalled I realized… his back leg is sore.
Here is what I THINK happened:
Our couch sits perpendicular to a wall of almost all glass (a three panel sliding glass door).  Our back yard butts up to a bank and they will have maintenance workers prune the shrubs occassionally and he’ll bark at them, sometimes there is nothing that we see that he barks at… in any event if something really gets him going, he’ll jump over the back of the couch and charge the back door barking to protect his house.
Since the installation of our wood floors, he slides more when running around the house.  He quickly learned to stop running a few feet before where he wanted to end up.
I think he jumped the back of the couch to bark but either a) landed badly and hurt his leg or b) slid into the computer desk by the back door.
I can manipulate his leg and massage the muscles and he doesn’t so much as flinch so I don’t think its serious.  We decided to help him up stairs to bed and see how he felt in the morning and this morning he was more chipper.  Hopefully he will be back to his old self by the time I get home tonight, if not, we’ll make a vet appointment.
I don’t even have to tell how worrisome it was to see our very healthy puppy hurt with all the pet food recalls going on right now!



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