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More Kitchen Work June 14, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family, General.

posted Thu, 06/14/07

We got the new appliances in this weekend and did a lot of work getting the flooring in in preparation for their arrival.  As usual, here are some pictures 🙂

Yoshi enjoys all the space created but moving the boxes of flooring to put it down… almost done finishing the wood floors in the dining room.

Bye bye old fridge.  You were good to us while you were here:

Bye bye old stove, you were a big help:

Bye bye old Microwave, we’ve found you a good home with somebody who can use you:

Putting down the new floors, with the old fridge sitting on them for the time being:

The new floors and the new cabinets, together at last… they look pretty good together, huh?

The new fridge, in place, and the new stove awaiting installation (the floors need to be finished first):

What do you do when the water line to your new fridge has a slow leak?  Tie a rag around it while you go out and get new compression fittings… eight times…

Soo… thats it, we need exactly four more planks of wood for the floors to be done (and the trim) and then we can move the stove into place.  As soon as HD calls us, we can pick up the last of the cabinets (two blinds and the two pantries) and the counter tops and then all thats left is to tile the backsplash, remove the old light fixtures and paint the ceiling.  It sounds like so much left, but its come so far… I can’t wait to show you the final product!



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