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Lean Mean 13 June 20, 2007

Posted by batduck in Books.

posted Wed, 06/20/07

Lean Mean 13

Janet Evanovich

Date: June 19, 2007   —   $16.77   —   Book

product page






From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. In her rollicking 13th Stephanie Plum adventure (after Twelve Sharp), bestseller Evanovich is in top, quirky form. Plucky, bumbling New Jersey bounty hunter Plum is reunited with her two-timing lawyer ex-husband, Dickie Orr, while doing a favor for the mysterious, sexy Ranger. But when Dickie disappears from his house leaving behind only bloodstains and bullet holes, Plum becomes the prime suspect in his alleged murder. Determined to clear her name, Plum and her on-again off-again Trenton cop boyfriend, the irresistible Joe Morelli, uncover Dickie’s ties to a shady group of men involved in everything from money laundering to drug running. And when Dickie’s jilted business partners decide Stephanie holds the key to the $40 million they believe Dickie stole from them, she’s in for a wild ride. With the author’s usual cast of eccentric side characters—everything from a taxidermist with a penchant for bombs to a grave-robbing tax man—Evanovich proves once again that Stephanie Plum and her entourage are here to stay. (June)

From Batty’s Girl
You knew I wouldn’t be able to wait, even though we had plans last night, to get this and read it!  I had just enough time before and after our dinner plans to finish the book AND get a good night’s sleep, a real winner for me.

Within two minutes of getting home and cracking the book to where I left off (after reading the introductory pages on evanovich.com) I was laughing aloud while Manny watched on, a knowing smile on his face.  Reading the next installment of the Stephanie Plum books was like getting together with an old friend.  There wasn’t much new, its the usual suspects, the usual kookie antics and the usual car damage, but it was exactly what I wanted when I picked it up.

I’m sure, eventually, I’ll get sick of the same old story in these books, but Evanovich is good enough that after 13 of them, I’m not yet and shortly after closing the book last night I wished I wasn’t such a book worm and could spread the joy out because now it’ll be a year before I visit with Stephanie and crew again.



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