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Shout out to my homies. August 22, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

Just thought I’d post to let everyone (anyone?) know that I’m still around.  Things are going okay for me I suppose.  Let’s see:

Work is being a major pain in my patootie at the moment.  Trouble with an application and their support is outsourced outside of the US.  Maybe they’ve got a lot of turnover or they don’t train their personnel enough, but it certainly seems like they don’t know what the heck they are doing.

I’ve come to the realization that I hate online courses.  I took Business Analysis for Decision Making (QMB6357) this summer and for the most part, I understood the material and I feel that I learned quite a bit but the tests…..ugh!!  The quizzes were fine….straight questions about the material in the chapter in a multiple choice format.  I did great on those, but they were only worth 15% of my grade.  The tests, on the other hand, were problems that you had to figure out and they were an “all or nothing” format.  In other words, there are 5 answers available.  Some are right and some are wrong.  You have to do the problem and select the answers that are right only.  If you selected any wrong answer or failed to select one of the right answers then you get the entire question wrong.  When there are only 4 questions on a test and the problems could take up to 20 minutes to perform (and that’s using Excel to do the calculations for you) and any typo or miscalculation can give wrong results, it’s very easy to get these wrong.  Anyway, I only got a C in that class.  I’m relieved that I won’t need to take it again, but I’m also quite angry at myself…I know I could have and should have done better.
My other class was Organization Information Systems (MAN6830) and I did much better in that.  I got an A- in that.  (and yes, I still beat myself up for not getting an “A”)
Next semester, which starts this upcoming Monday, I’ll be taking Corporate Finance (FIN6428) on Monday nights and Marketing Management in a Global Environment (MAR6805) on Thursday nights.  I’m happy to report that both of these classes will be of the physical variety. (not online)  /joy

You may or may not know but I play World of Warcraft (also known as WoW).  If you’re not aware, WoW is an Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) where you can play with people in a persistent online environment.  What does all that mean?  Basically, I go online and play with my buddies.  Sarah and I play on a server with several of my co workers, some of their spouses and some personal friends that we’ve invited to play.  This past weekend we had a get together with some people we play with that drove in from out of town and all my coworkers that play.  It was pretty fun and nice to meet some of the people that I’ve played with in person.
I finally got my Xbox back from being repaired.  I originally sent it in for repair because I got that dreaded red ring of death and when they sent it back, the DVD tray button didn’t work.  Well, that wouldn’t do, so I sent it back to them again.  It came in Monday evening and there was much rejoicing.  🙂  Sarah and I played Boom Boom Rocket and Virtual Tennis 3.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed my 360 until I got it back. 

Well that’s enough about my life for one morning.  Adieu.



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