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Weekend Update October 22, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

Mon, 10/22/07 1:34 P GMT-05

Usually our weekends are full of studying for Manny and chores, but this weekend was a bit different.

Saturday morning I joined Geraldine in the Race for Cure at Bayfront Park.  I’m pretty pleased to note that we finished the entire 5K marathon in somewhere around 58 minutes and 21 seconds.  I went to hang out with Geraldine, but was actually surprised to find that after I got over my loathing of the press of so many people, I enjoyed myself quite thoroughly.  And, as any one who’s walked anywhere with me can attest, I don’t stroll, I walk purposefully and briskly, Geraldine calls it a slow jog, and we did so the entire 5K, Geraldine never once leaving my side to keep me company and keep me sane from the crowds.

After the marathon, I drove home, ran errands with the Man and then hung out with he and Pete in the evening.  It was quite lovely.

Sunday, we joined Dean and Geraldine and the newly opened IKEA store down the street from us.  It was packed!  The press of bodies at the Race for a Cure marathon was just about as crowded as IKEA!  It was so full, in fact, that we had to park at the Bank Atlantic Center and get a trolley to take us to the store… 

Sunday evening, after running other errands with Dean and Geraldine, I read a book (The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen, review to follow Smile) and after Manny returned from studying down in Miami, finished Halo 3.

Have any of our other readers played and/or finished this game?  Was anyone else let down by the ending?  I played it on easy, not having played a first person shooter on my own before, but it wasn’t the action of the ending, but rather the story that I felt let down by.  Any one else agree?

So that’s it, that was our weekend, I hope you all had lovely ones as well!



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