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Le Gasp!! November 22, 2007

Posted by batduck in Friends & Family.

She took pictures of her cookies but completely neglected my delicious brownies.  Well, that’s just fine!  <crosses arms and taps foot>

I’ll just post them myself:


We haven’t sliced them up yet in these pictures.



And Sarah, being the little brat, kept pretending to open a box that contains one of her Christmas presents!!  I should either wrap it up already or hide it with the others.  (oops, did that secret slip out?)

Here’s the box:


Hey!  That’s a TigerDirect box…..whatever could it be?


And just because I told her that I would, here’s a picture of deez nuts!


Now with 100% more girlscouts!   Yum yum!

Actually, my niece sold me those.  What a little salesperson she is!!  🙂



1. Michelle - January 5, 2008

Ummm, you know…anytime you’re making cookies or brownies you can feel free to invite us over. Really. No hardship on our part!

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