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Book Review: Making Babies: The Science of Pregnancy July 1, 2008

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Making Babies:  The Science of Pregnancy

David Bainbridge

Date: September 30, 2003 —   $16.00—   Book

Four stars (of a possible four, of course)





From Amazon.com

While it’s a safe bet that most readers know where babies come from, it’s equally likely that they don’t know the whole story. Reproductive biologist David Bainbridge fills them in with Making Babies, a witty and intriguing look at an experience so essential that we all go through it at least once. It would be all too easy for the author to get caught up in the intricacies of hormones and anatomy that have evolved from our egg-laying ancestors, but he softens the details with insights and examples from throughout the animal kingdom. Expectant parents might not like being compared to red deer at first, but most will warm to their shared experience. Examining big questions like “Why have sex?” and “How does the fetus change the mother?” is daunting, but Bainbridge guides the reader through the issues with confidence and humility. It’s no substitute for a birds-and-bees chat, but Making Babies is perfect for those who want to deepen their understanding of what happens next. –Rob Lightner –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


From Batty’s Girl

What a wonderful book!  Throughout most of it I would laugh or ooooh in delight at a witty phrase of interesting tidbit of information that would prompt Manny to ask what was so interesting… in fact I probably read aloud to him at least 35 pages of this 253 page book because the information was so interesting.

Its scientific but written in such a way that I wanted to read it and understood the theories and processes he was discussing.

While not a light read and not your typical pregnant girly book I still think its a great in depth research book for expecting parents that, if they’re anything like me, want to know exactly what goes on once conception occurs.



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