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Wanted July 1, 2008

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Timur Bekmambetov,Director

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Four stars.
(of a possible four)












 Web Site Description:

(Batduck’s Note:  I recommend that you skip the description from the web site and walk into the movie without any preconceptions.  Their description is a bit more revealing than I think is appropriate.   My review below, however, does not reveal or hint at any plot points.)

James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie tell the tale of one overlooked nobody’s transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice in Wanted.  In 2008, the world will be introduced to a hero for a new generation: Wesley Gibson.

Visionary directory Timur Bekmambetov powers this twisted and visceral sdventure of 25-year-old Wesley, a slacker who hates his life with good reason, because it sucks.

At work, his ballbuster of a boss lives to torment him in front of his fellow cube-dwelling drones.  Back home, his skeezy girlfriend is a sexual magnet for everyone except him, including Wesley’s supposed best friend.  No wonder this loser is on his 10th prescription for panic attack pills, which he downs like candy between cardboard meals of vegan tofu wraps.

Wesley’s pathetic excuse for an existence might just as well come to an end and save him a lifetime of prolonged misery.

Fortunately for Wesley, his life is over, his old one anyway, and all because of a girl.  Enter hot Fox (Jolie), who crashes into Wesley on the business end of a smoking gun.  Seems Wesley’s long-lost and mostly forgotten dad was killed while working for the Fraternity, a centuries-old league of supersensory trained assassins pledged to carry out the unbreakable orders of fate.  Their motto:  Kill one, save a thousand.

Now it’s Wesley’s turn to follow in his father’s footsteps and release the caged wolf that’s always lurked inside of him.  Killing is in Wesley’s blood, and he trains under Fox and a motley-but-lethal crew that includes the Fraternity’s enigmatic leader, Sloan (Freeman).  The neophyte is forcefully pummeled into developing lightning-quick reflexes and superhuman agility.  No one said becoming an assassin would be easy.

The former slacker is reborn as the golden boy of the Fraternity and Wesley starts to relish his new life, even exacting some best-served-cold revenge on tormentors past.  But soon, the sweet taste of power sours when he realizes that the intentions of his deadly associates aren’t as noble as first presented.  As he wavers between newfound heroism and soul-killing vengeance, Wesley will come to learn what no one, neither cold-blooded father nor steaming-hot assassin could teach him:  He alone controls his destiny.


From Batduck:

Don’t judge this movie from the badly written, unnecessarily verbose description that’s on their web site.  I’m baffled at how many plot points they either give away outright or hint at.  Plus, they’re trying to sound way too hip for my taste.

Anyway, what a pleasant surprise this movie was!  I walked into the theater not knowing anything more than what the preview showed and thought it would be a generic action flick with little plot.  Boy, was I wrong!  The movie is rich in story that’s interesting and fun.  The depth of the story makes the action scenes that much more compelling and you actually care about what happens to the main character by the end.

The film does a good job of not taking itself too seriously by injecting bits that are either chuckle-worthy or laugh-out-loud-able.  (lolable?)  There’s gratuitous and unnecessary Angelina Jolie skin and that’s always a big plus.



1. Daniel - July 1, 2008

Oh sounds like it is worth seeing since the action was enough to peak my initial interest. If it even has a half-decent plot we’ll that puts it in a whole ‘nother category. 🙂

I ❤ Jolie since I saw her in Hackers.

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