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New Phone!! July 7, 2008

Posted by battysgirl in Friends & Family, General.

I got a new cell phone… it has a full keyboard.  If I text you, be prepared for an entire paragraph.

I’ve always insisted on continuing to use full words, grammar, and punctuation in my texts and now its much easier for me!

I’ve had cheap free with contract phones since I first got a mobile, insisting that I don’t particularly care about the gadgets, just give me a phone… but that changed with this one I’m really enjoying all the toys.  Maybe this means that I will actually be more likely to carry my phone now, charge it, and answer it…or maybe not ;).


env(vx9900)_1200293927747_l VX9900_lge_02_LG02

Isn’t that a pretty phone?  Its so sleek and pretty.  This is actually the older model of this phone I’m not fond of the very boxy new model that just came out.

We got these on Saturday and I spent a lot of the day switching between busting my butt in the back yard getting it ready for the new patio furniture we got and playing games and sending super long texts to friends :).

Oh yeah, and Manny got a Blackberry.




1. Daniel - July 7, 2008

Couples upgrade? How sw33t!

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