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New Baby Pictures October 16, 2008

Posted by battysgirl in Baby Fever.

Today’s ultrasounds didn’t get any uber cute shots like we did the first time, but they’re still wonderful and memorable:

A close up of the baby’s face –

The baby’s face –

The baby’s head and torso, the technician wrote here, “I’m upside down!” because that was about all she could get out of the stubborn little one –

The entire baby in profile –

Baby was really active today, I’ve dubbed him/her Squirmy!  Not only was the baby too stubborn to open its leg and show us the goods (which is okay because it would have been a bit early to tell really definitely) but the baby kept it’s face turned away from us most of the time!

Oh, and for those of you keep track of the heartbeat to predict the baby’s gender, it was a solid 154 bpm today.



1. Mel - October 16, 2008


Maybe Squirmy is trying to hold off like Kei did … something like 7 1/2 – 8 months …

WE just want 10 perfect toes, 10 perfect fingers and a healthy little one.

2. ForestMist - October 16, 2008

Oh I do love the name Squirmy as it works wonderfully for either Sex!

P.S. – The Ninja Turtles did very well indeed having only three fingers per hand.

3. Sarah - October 16, 2008

You guys are too much!

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