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Pregnancy Week 14 October 19, 2008

Posted by battysgirl in Baby Fever.

What the Experts Say


The hormonal changes in your body are becoming apparent. Many are in the form of skin changes. You may have developed a dark line down the middle of your abdomen to your pubic bone called a linea negra. The areola (dark nipple portion of your breasts) may have darkened and gotten larger as well. Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit.


The baby is now about 12.5 cms or 4.92 inches. Your baby is now producing urine and actually urinating into the amniotic fluid. It also can practice “breathing” the amniotic fluid in and out of its lungs.

Amniotic fluid is an amazing substance. It completely regenerates itself every three hours. We do know that it is partially composed of urine from the baby, but where amniotic fluid in general is made we are not sure. Modern medicine still has some surprises left.

What’s Going on With Us

I still don’t show and haven’t gained an ounce (I’ve actually dropped a pound here and there) which doesn’t bother me at all!  No matter what calculations you use we are now officially into the second trimester (some calendars told us 12 weeks, some 13 and others 14).  Its exciting to be out of the ‘danger zone’ that we all hear so much about.  Still, after the losses we’ve experienced and some issues the doctor’s have found, I’ll be considered high risk for pretty much the entirety of our pregnancy… this actually doesn’t bother me at all, it means I have better care and get to see the baby on an ultrasound pretty much every two weeks!

The baby takes control of its movements this week and so rather than the jerky movements we’ve seen on the ultrasound so far, we can will be able to see smooth controlled arm and leg movements the next time we get a peek at our little Squirmy.  I’m still hoping to get catch a shot of the baby sucking its thumb because, the minute I do I’m blowing the image up and putting on the wall.



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