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Pictures Of My Day November 4, 2008

Posted by battysgirl in Baby Fever, General.

There has been a lot of beauty in my day today, some of it I was able to catch on camera, some not.  Let me share some of this happiness with you…

Outside my office window and a pretty gloomy morning, there is a gorgeous orchid tree in full bloom… was it just last year I asked what the big deal about my view was?

Then, one of my friends here at work came in with a full bag of gender neutral baby clothes she no longer needed for us…on my lunch break I took them out and took a picture and each and every one of them (I needed this for sanity)…

There are some cutesy yellow striped pants and teeny tiny socks…

A long green striped sleeper…

A striped peek-a-boo sleeper, it says, peek-a-boo, where are you, here I am!

A sleeper with giraffes that says Mommy and Me…

A shirt that says fan de papa…

And along the same lines a sleeper that says Daddy and Me…

And this really, really cute three piece knit set that is so adorable I want to cry…

And why was I so reverently laying out all this cute stuff?  Well other than the fact that I love them?  Well because my boss and a bunch of faculty were having ANOTHER heated political debate next door and I was tired of it… hence this eye roll picture:

But hey, that’s not bad, its only lunch time!  Who knows what other happy moments I’ll find today!



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