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Tough Decision December 5, 2008

Posted by battysgirl in General.

Nearly three years ago I met a wonderful woman through my Master’s Program.  She and I made fast close friends and I really felt I had added another wonderful woman to my close circle.

Unfortunately, in the two years since graduation I’ve lost touched with this wonderful woman.  I haven’t spoken to her in over a year – and not for my lack of trying.  I know that she is very busy with work and her family but I feel that if she truly wanted to, she could have responded at any time to my phone calls, e-mails or texts.

Because of this, today almost three years since meeting her, I’m making the conscious decision to delete her contact information from my cell phone so that I don’t call her again the next time I’m thinking of her… at this point, its best, I think, to let sleeping dogs lie and stop pursuing a friendship.

While its doubtful she’ll ever read this, I wish she would know that it was wonderful meeting her, she is an inspirational strong woman that I’m glad was in my life (if only for a brief time).  I miss you, girl, I wish you the best.



1. Mel - December 5, 2008

*hugs**snuggles**cuddles* and *smootches*

I went through this not long ago and feel your pain.

2. Deb - December 7, 2008

Hi…amazing what one can find when searching the internet…

It was go great to see you both in Pier One today! What a happy coincidence. You may have deleted one friend but found an older one again! 🙂

Congratulations to you both again, I better get an announcement!

Deb (aka Rowan)

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