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Pregnancy Week 27 January 17, 2009

Posted by battysgirl in Baby Fever.

What The Experts Say:


Around this time you will begin to really put on the weight, this will last until about week thirty-six. Although some cultures dictate otherwise, weight gained during pregnancy is not fat or unhealthy, but rather, necessary for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The weight that you gain will be distributed in several places. The average breast before pregnancy weighs about 7 ounces and during pregnancy each breast can weigh up to an average of 14 ounces! Some of the weight will go to body fluids (amniotic fluid, blood volume, etc.).


Your baby’s skin is very wrinkled from floating in water. This will stay this way until a few weeks after birth as your newborn fills out into a baby. Although take heart in the fact that your baby’s looks are assuming the looks that they will have at birth! Baby has also hit the 2 pound mark (900 grams).


If mom is starting to complain about her weight remind her of the importance of weight gain in pregnancy for a health pregnancy. You should also help her by not tempting her with sweets and setting a good example yourself.

What’s Going On With Us:

No news is good news.  We haven’t heard any negative results from the three hour glucose tolerance test so we’re pretty safe there. 

Nothing new to report, Baby P continues to grow (as does Mommy) and everyone is just thrilled at the prospect of meeting her soon.



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