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Pregnancy Week 32 February 23, 2009

Posted by battysgirl in Baby Fever.

What The Experts Say:


As you begin to have more and more Braxton-Hicks contractions you may begin to wonder more about labor and what it will entail for you. Most women have questions about labor and birth, for example:

I want to address the last question specifically. About 10% of women will tell you that labor is extremely painful, while 10% of the women will tell you that they experienced no pain. The rest, 80%, will fall someplace in the middle of the two extremes.


Your baby’s movements will peak this week then change in quantity and quality. Remember to do your Fetal Kick Counts. Most of the wrinkles are disappearing from baby’s face, and there may be a lot of hair! Your baby has put on weight, mostly fat and muscle tissue, bringing the total to about three pounds 11 ounces (1.7 kilograms), and 40 cms or 15.8 inches!

Babies who are born at a younger gestation than this will most likely having difficulties sucking or nursing. This also applies to babies who weigh less than 1500 grams. A good sucking pattern is a sign of neuromuscular maturity.


Are you ready for baby? What do you have left to do? Sit down and make a list of things that are left to be done before the birth. Do you have a car seat? Have you picked a pediatrician?


What’s Going on With Us:

Baby P is getting big and my body feels it.  By the end of the night I feel like a beached whale and need help getting up and down from the couch!  This discomfort is pretty short lived however (as I continue going to sleep quite early and sleeping through the worst of it) and lets face it, its pretty darn worth it.

We got a little more work done in the nursery this past weekend and while Mr. Duck is away on business this week I’m hoping to get a bunch more done as well.

Not much longer!



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