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Tranquility July 7, 2009

Posted by battysgirl in Friends & Family.

While in Wisconsin visiting family, I had some of the most relaxing hours I’ve had for a long while. 

For a few hours one day, I did nothing but sit on Jackie’s front porch and read a book.  This is a novelty in and of itself since Celeste was born of course, but it was more than just having some time to read without it being based around Celly’s nap time.  It was the setting and the company.

First of all, this is the view from Jackie’s farm:


And to prove I really was on a farm, here are the two cows eating by the barn:

Any hoo, the weather was lovely at a balmy 65 degrees and there was a good wind blowing (the property has a line of wind breaking trees though)

One of the gardens is on the other side of these trees in the wind, here is me helping the kids weed one morning:


So there I am on the front porch behind the wind breaking trees enjoying Preston and Child’s latest with a few friends:



and Jenny (a very pregnant kitty who had her kittens since then):

For the most part, Shep stayed a few feet away napping, Lollypop stayed about a foot away but Jen stayed on my lap purring away and keeping me warm.

Add all this together, the weather, the setting, the four legged company and the book made for some of the most tranquil hours I’ve had for sometime.

The best part about it all?  I was sitting by a window and I could hear all the family oohing and ahhing over Celeste inside 🙂

Hey Jackie, can I move in with you?  I miss the quiet happiness I was experiencing with you!



1. Melissa - July 8, 2009

It looks BEAUTIFUL over there. I am glad you enjoyed your time with Manny’s family. NOW come to PCB and pull some weeds with me 😉


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