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Celly’s First Day of “School” August 18, 2009

Posted by battysgirl in Baby Fever, Celeste.

I returned to work yesterday and so Celeste had her first day at the Preschool we’ve enrolled her in.

Here she is in her little plaid skirt as we dropped her off in the morning:

The teachers are already in love with “beautiful little Celeste.”  We were told that she didn’t cry and played quietly wherever they put her whether it be in her crib, a bouncy chair or an exersaucer.  They sounded surprised about how alert and attentive she is, being our first I have nothing to compare her to, she’s just always been that way!  I’d like to think that she kind of missed me too because she gave me the BIGGEST smile ever when I picked her up (but she was probably just smiling so big because I was :)).

Also, Celly continues eating her solids.  She is still only on rice cereal but the we’ve gradually added more cereal than milk so that the consistency gets thicker.  Compare the picture below after an entire feeding to last week’s videos and pictures of Celeste’s first feeding and you’ll see just how far she’s come!

She’s growing up so quickly! 



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