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Hello world, remember us? September 21, 2011

Posted by battysgirl in Friends & Family.

You know, the silly duck family?   This blog has mostly been about keeping family abreast with things going on in our life, but with almost all of our family on Facebook now, all this news just gets posted there.

But, you know, sometimes I just wanna write a blog post.. so gosh darn it, thats what I’m gonna do.

So if you’re NOT part of my Facebook family you may not know… We’re expecting our second child… Here is a QA:

So many of you are asking for details about the pregnancy so here is a bit more information:

 When are you due?

December 31, 2011

How do you feel?

Awesome.  I’ve once again been blessed with the type of pregnancy other women hate me for.  Minimal and easily managed morning sickness and a drop off of energy levels, thats it.  I do feel way more moody and hormonal this time around though (my poor hubs and kidlette)!

How long have you known?

Since 8 days past conception…its amazing how quickly you can find out nowadays!  We found out 4/20/11.

Are you finding out the gender?

Yes, its another beautiful baby girl.

What are the plans for the nursery?

We have a two bedroom house, so the girls (I love saying that) will share a room until our big move.

Do you have names picked out?

We do, and if you look back to old blog posts you’ll actually find I’ve posted them before. 

Are you showing yet?

I feel like I started showing within moments of finding out.  Its true, you do show more quickly the second time around!

Have you had to buy maternity clothes?

Yes, in the first trimester!

How much weight have you gained?

I am still down from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Last week the scale went up for the first time since I started my prenatal visits by 6 ounces.

Were you trying for a long time?

After all the years it took us to finally have a viable pregnancy with Celly, no.  We got pregnant right on the schedule we wanted to keep (the week that Celly turned two, in fact).

I’m sure plenty of you have more questions, just ask us and we’ll answer!



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