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The Age of Repetition September 24, 2011

Posted by battysgirl in Friends & Family.

“Again, Again” is the mantra for children at Celly’s age according to BabyCenter and when it comes to bedtime, Celly is nothing if not a creature of habit.  She is smart enough, however, to know that the more she asks for things, the longer the bedtime routine draws out Smile

Currently, she is a creature with a fixation on three.  Before bed we read three books (thank goodness they’re not chapter books yet!), turn out the lights, sing three songs together and give hugs and kisses (another group of three 1) hug, 2) kiss and 3) an eskimo kiss of the noses).  If you ask what she wants to eat, be prepared for it to be three of something:  three eggs, three pancakes, three orange slices.  The reality is that she won’t eat all three (or just three) of the things we give her, she just ask for it.

At bedtime the other night, to draw out the routine, between the usual three songs we sing, Celly asked for one for Baby P 2.0.  I made something up on the fly and wasn’t a great work of art but it was cute:

Baby two lives in my tummy waiting to be born
Once she’s here she’ll be the luckiest girl for sure
She has this bigger sister, named Celeste
Celly will kiss her, hug, tickle her and steal her nose…
Because Celeste is the best!

I am sure that Celly really doesn’t understand fully that in about three months there will be a crying, demanding baby in the house, but the way she continues to include the baby is conversations and play excites me beyond measure!!!



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