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Two steps forward, three back. October 10, 2011

Posted by battysgirl in Celeste.

Since I am so sure so many of you are dying to hear all about my child’s bathroom habits…

We learned a lesson last weekend by forgetting to take the new potty ring we bought with us when we left the house, so we made sure to pack it in the diaper bag for our long day out on Sunday.  At her Grandad’s house she was so pleased we brought the Dora potty ring with us that she asked to go potty many times while we were there… every trip was a no show, however, and she did wet her pull up pants.  In the afternoon, we went to a symphonic concert to cheer for Celly’s cousin who was playing the oboe.  Like previous trips to public restrooms, she had a meltdown, even after I put the dora ring on the big potty for her.  She literally cowered in the corner saying, “No.”  After that, just the mention of the word potty brought on a pout and she refused to try sitting on the potty at her auntie’s house after the concert too.

So, good news, we were better potty training parents this weekend and remembered to carry all the requisite stuff with us.  Bad news, it made not a lick of difference, she did not use the potty (either at home or out and about) once the entire time.  I know from her teachers that she is doing very well with the potty at school, I wonder what I’m doing wrong!



1. mikavr1 - October 13, 2011

It doens’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong. For Charlie, she was pee pee trained at age 18 months. But the POO, lordy the POO! Anyway, I finally made a “magic box” that sat on the commode and bought dollar store prizes. Every poo got a prize. That didn’t work, for months, until all of a sudden it did and she was potty trained all at once. And since then (about age 2.5 for the poo) she has only had one overnight accident ever. She sleeps in the nude or pajamas, no pull ups. I think it’s just a matter of when she’s ready. Although the school thing shows she’s almost toallty ready, maybe she still needs a place to not be pressured?

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