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The Land of Finger Pricks October 19, 2011

Posted by battysgirl in Friends & Family.

After my follow up with my regular OB on Thursday, it was decided that because I had “slightly elevated” numbers on my three hour Glucose Tolerance Test, they would refer me to a perinatologist for closer monitoring.  Having seen one for the entirety of my pregnancy with Celeste, this didn’t phase me and, in fact, I looked forward to the extra ultrasounds it would entail.

Tuesday morning, I got a call at 8:45 from the maternal fetal medicine doctor group asking if I could come in by 9:45.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see the call until about 9:15 and so it was impossible, seeing as Celeste was still at home and not ready for school yet.  The young lady on the phone asked me to hold for a minute and then asked if I could be there by 10:15; knowing if I hustled it was a possibility, I agreed.  After a mad rush to get her dressed and out the door, I dropped Celly at school and drove to the doctor’s office.

After the hundred and one papers they had me fill out, I met with a gestational diabetes specialist to discuss treatment options.  At this point my first and foremost question was, so I am being diagnosed.  She said well and showed me the numbers:

Time of Test Normal Gestational Diabetes My Values
Fasting (before GTT) 94 (mg/dL) or lower 95 (mg/dL) or higher 97
1 hour 179 or lower 180 or higher 164
2 hours 154 or lower 155 or higher 156
3 hours 139 or lower 140 or higher 127

She went on to explain that any time your numbers were too high in any of the two times (no matter how much higher) you can be diagnosed within the American Diabetes Association guidelines.

The meeting then went on to include how to test my sugar levels, take a fasting level while I was there as a test and discuss my current eating habits and her recommended daily diet regimen.  The results?  My fasting sugar that morning was 78 (excellent).  What I’ve been eating is just fine but I’m not eating enough and must add at least breakfast to my routine (okay, I know you will all say “I told you so,” and yes you did).  The diet she gave me says I must eat at least 2200 calories a day but I know I won’t get that high half the time.  She wasn’t;t too worried about my caloric intake, however, more with the ratios of protein, carbohydrate and fats that I put in my system.  She did mention that it was time for me to start gaining between 1/2 to 1 pound a week now and eating more will help with that.

After my meeting with her, I had a second short wait before meeting with the sonographer who would be working with me.  She took my blood pressure and weight (bp was perfect, weight was down from the last check up) and took me into the exam room and started the sonogram.  Here’s what I learned from her and my follow up with the doctor who came in and reviewed the information with me:  Baby #2 is doing very well.  She is weighing in at about 3 to 3.5 pounds which is in the 69th percentile for her gestational age.  The doctor said she was a bit big but not any where near where they would worry and that given my successful birth of another slightly large baby it is to be expected and that my body could clearly handle it.  Her heartbeat is a steady 150 bpm, she is breech but still has plenty of time to turn (and probably will a few times) and had a perfect biophysical profile score of 8/8.  Our chances of preterm labor are very slim as my cervix measured 5.5 cm in length (as opposed to dilated which would be bad) when they look for 3 at least.  Finally, he actually went so far as to discuss blood tests that were done back in my first trimester and my OB never discussed with me:  Our chances of downs are about 1 in 5,000 and I am a cystic fibrosis carrier (although we already knew this from my first pregnancy).

So in summation:  I have been diagnosed with GD but they’re not too worried about it as long as I don’t eat anything stupidly high in sugar and eat at least three times a day.  I have to prick my finger and test my blood sugar four times a day:  fasting and one hour after each meal.  Baby is doing awesome and looks perfect Smile



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