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Doing Something Right April 4, 2012

Posted by battysgirl in Friends & Family.

Yesterday I posted about how Celeste has been increasingly defiant as of late  Since I was in the middle of coming down from a mad I hope I wasn’t misleading about how great my daughter is… for all her defiance, she still seems better behaved (to me) than most of the children her age I see out and about.  Yesterday, we spent the better part of the day on the go.  We went to the City’s Civic Center to sign Celly up for some classes, then out to lunch with her Daddy and a coworker, then home for a quick minute, then back out to the Civic Center to attempt to get into the one class we had missed in the morning.

Having been surrounded at the Civic Center by so many other children I could appreciate my daughter more than usual.  Most parents were too busy talking to each other (or on their phones) to pay attention to their children who took advantage of the situation to run around with others and get into things.  With no parents to tell them no, they were creating a chaotic environment that the people working were having trouble in.

With Jules strapped in her carrier on my chest, Celeste stayed quietly by while we waited for our number to be called.  She played with her baby sister by making faces and doing peekaboo and took in all the humanity around her.  After Jules had fallen asleep and she was getting restless, she played math games on my cell phone.  She never once shrieked or ran around like a hellion.  I’m grateful for that.

At bedtime last night, I explained to Celeste that I wasn’t very pleased with her behavior that day and that tomorrow was a new day that we’d try hard to make better.  Its just after lunch time here now and Celeste has been quite pleasant.  She started the day (without prompting) by telling me she was going to listen and try hard today (can you imagine how my heart swelled and broke at the same time?)  And she’s lived up to that promise too.  She’s only said “No!” once when asked to go potty but after I repeated the request and reminded her how important it is to go potty before an accident, she went without further fuss.

While I know I’m making tons of mistake raising my girls, days like these (especially after days like yesterday) remind me that I’m at least doing some things right, some of the time!



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