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An Interview With The Birthday Girl April 14, 2012

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What are you going to be when you grow up?
An astronaut in a rocket ship.(In reviewing these questions, she changed her previous answer of "Have a house.")

What’s that going to be like?
I’ll count down from five and blast off into space and visit all the planets, the quiet planet, the loud planet, all planets.

What are your favorite toys?
Yoshi Doll and Winnie the Pooh and my babies.

Who are your best friends?
Mommy, Daddy, Baby Julie and Amy.  And Cristina and Michael and Titi Llova and Lala.  And Grandad.

What makes you happy?
My home,a big giant hug monster, You (Mommy) and Baby Julie and being a princess.  She proceeded to name everyone in the house being her princess.

Why does that make you happy?
Cause everyone is there.

What makes you sad?
When nobody talks to me and I’m all alone and I don’t have any good ideas, that makes me sad.

When you dream at night, what do you dream about?
My dreams about turning the fan off and turning the fan on.  Once upon a time there was a big girl named Celeste who jumped up in the air.  Then somebody run away and they needed to get the fan and turn it on and turn it off, that’s what my dreams are about.

What do you like to do with Daddy?
Play and jump and run

What do you like to do with Mama?
Play, be Celeste

What does Daddy do during the day?
Work and fun and run really fast and dance really slow

What does Mama do during the day?
Play and sing and make food.

What do you do during the day?
Play games with Mommy and Daddy and baby Julie because she has a lot of growing to go.

My Favorite Things:

I look forward to asking her these questions next year!


She Makes Me Feel So Proud! April 8, 2012

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And by making me proud I don’t mean of her, but of myself.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am proud of her, and in awe of what she can accomplish but I’m not writing about that here.  I expected to be proud of my kid.  I think every parent is, but I didn’t expect her to make me feel proud of myself.

I’ve done some good in my life.  I’ve worked hard (both professionally and as a student), I’ve loved well and given freely of myself to those who needed something I could provide.  I feel a moderate amount of pride in these accomplishments, but its nothing compared to how she can make me feel like I’m on top of the world.

As an example, we visited a friend and her 2 year old little boy recently .  Before arriving, Celeste and I discussed that her playmate is younger and much smaller than she is and that she will need to be gentle when playing with him.  Once we got to their house to play, we learned that he’s currently in a bit of an aggressive and non-sharing stage.  I asked Celeste to be extra careful in sharing and to be understanding if she didn’t get a turn with a toy when she wanted to.  She was a darling with him.  If he didn’t share, she pulled her hand back and played with something else.  If he yanked a toy out of her hand, she looked at me, saw me smile and I guess, remembered our talk and let him have it.  Seeing my child behave so well with others, makes me proud of the lessons I’m teaching her.

Today, as we’re engrossed in some home projects, we ate lunch on the run between trips to the home store at a fast food restaurant.  Before I stayed at home with the kids, this would have been the kind of meal she ate until not a crumb was left on her plate.  Instead, she ate one piece of chicken, a few french fries and drank all her milk.  At home, I made a turkey/veggie meatloaf, corn on the cob and rice.  She ate an entire ear of corn, all her rice and all of her meatloaf.  She makes me proud that she shows a preference to home cooked meals over processed fast food.  The pride I feel in a cooking a meal that she enjoys is unsurpassed by any I feel cooking for friends and even the hubby.

She often will see me working with yarn on some project for a friend.  I feel an odd pride when she hands me a skein of yarn or points to a pattern in a book and says, “Make this, Mommy,” and then gets all excited when I do.

The moments I feel my most proud of myself, as a parent, come when she says off hand things about her home life.  Like, “Mommy and Daddy are my best friends,” or, “What a wonderful family.”  I love knowing that my little one is growing up in an environment that fosters such comments.  That she feels secure and loved.  That she enjoys the time she spends with us and vocalizes it so easily.  I know that the time will come that Mommy and Daddy will no longer be her best friends, that we’ll be her enemies for a time; but I’m okay with that as long as we come full circle eventually.

Being a mother is the most fulfilling role I’ve ever played in my life.  I am so blessed to have enjoyed every single aspect of motherhood.  I loved being pregnant.  I loved labor.  I love parenting my girls.  Even when she’s pushing my buttons, I can see the intelligence and loving nature of Celeste and that, above all else makes me proud to say I’ve played a role in creating this little person.

Doing Something Right April 4, 2012

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Yesterday I posted about how Celeste has been increasingly defiant as of late  Since I was in the middle of coming down from a mad I hope I wasn’t misleading about how great my daughter is… for all her defiance, she still seems better behaved (to me) than most of the children her age I see out and about.  Yesterday, we spent the better part of the day on the go.  We went to the City’s Civic Center to sign Celly up for some classes, then out to lunch with her Daddy and a coworker, then home for a quick minute, then back out to the Civic Center to attempt to get into the one class we had missed in the morning.

Having been surrounded at the Civic Center by so many other children I could appreciate my daughter more than usual.  Most parents were too busy talking to each other (or on their phones) to pay attention to their children who took advantage of the situation to run around with others and get into things.  With no parents to tell them no, they were creating a chaotic environment that the people working were having trouble in.

With Jules strapped in her carrier on my chest, Celeste stayed quietly by while we waited for our number to be called.  She played with her baby sister by making faces and doing peekaboo and took in all the humanity around her.  After Jules had fallen asleep and she was getting restless, she played math games on my cell phone.  She never once shrieked or ran around like a hellion.  I’m grateful for that.

At bedtime last night, I explained to Celeste that I wasn’t very pleased with her behavior that day and that tomorrow was a new day that we’d try hard to make better.  Its just after lunch time here now and Celeste has been quite pleasant.  She started the day (without prompting) by telling me she was going to listen and try hard today (can you imagine how my heart swelled and broke at the same time?)  And she’s lived up to that promise too.  She’s only said “No!” once when asked to go potty but after I repeated the request and reminded her how important it is to go potty before an accident, she went without further fuss.

While I know I’m making tons of mistake raising my girls, days like these (especially after days like yesterday) remind me that I’m at least doing some things right, some of the time!

Defiance April 3, 2012

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Here is a summarization of my past few days:

Me:  Celeste, its time to go potty.
Celeste:  No!

Me:  Celeste, please come here.
Celeste:  No!

Me:  Celeste, please, don’t kick the back of the chair.
Celeste:  *Kicks the back of the chair again…*

I swear she is only listening to half of what I ask her to do and its driving me crazy.  In the middle of my crazy I get this:

Celeste keeps kicking the lock on the car door so that when I come around to open the door and let her out, I have to fumble with her baby sister and the keys to let her out.  As I’m taking Jules from the car, I wise up to it this time, unlock it before my hands are full and tell her to stop kicking the door lock.

Me:  Celeste, don’t kick the door lock again, I’m coming to get you now and if you lock it I can’t open your door.
Celeste:  Okay.
Me:  Thank you.  *Gets Jules out of the car and start to come around to the other side of the car*
Celeste:  *Kicks the lock on the door to engage it*
Me:  *Opening the cargo bay to get other stuff*  So, you locked the car door… after I asked you not to.  Deliberately. 
Celeste:  Yes (FINALLY a yes, but not what I was hoping for).
Me:  I should just leave it locked and go inside without you for a minute to show you how that bothers me…
Celeste:  No, I have a good idea.  How about you unlock the door, come and get me and we go inside together! 

I lost my mad right then and there.  She’s too freaking smart.  I can’t even imagine what she’ll be like as a teenager… I shudder to think.  Currently, I try to keep my cool in the face of such defiance.  I don’t want her to see that it bother me as much as it does.  I repeat things three times and then just take any option away from her.  I tell her why I’m upset and why I’m not very playful after a defiant moment.  This approach calms her down for a moment but I don’t see it stopping the next act of defiance coming my way.  I’m hoping, however, that if I can sail through this, we’ll come out on the other side alright because I’m not sure how much of this is a willful child and how much of this is a simple toddler behavior.

Getting Ready to Turn Three March 27, 2012

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With a measly two and half weeks to go until Celeste turns three, I’m in birthday prep mode over here.

We know what we’d like to do for her birthday, set up a playground in the backyard, but whether or not that will come to fruition will depend on a ton of different factors.  We are also contemplating a birthday party this year as she’s old enough to enjoy it and understand it more than in previous years.

So far, the biggest fun has simply been talking to her about her birthday coming up.  She is excited and looking forward to a day of celebration.  For fun, I’ve also been having a little interview with her in the hopes that we can continue the tradition and look at how she’s grown and changed.

Just for fun, here’s a pretty cute excerpt:

What do you do during the day?
Play games with Mommy and Daddy and baby Julie because she has a lot of growing to go.

What are you going to be when you grow up?
Have a house.

What’s that going to be like?
Out of leaves, I’m going to build my house out of leaves, I want to build it myself, right now.

I am sure I’m having way more fun asking her these questions and trying to decipher some of her odd answers than she is answering them but she kept asking me for more so maybe not Smile